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Carrie + Evan • Intimate Destination Wedding • Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Photo by Juan – Editing Jasive


Photography by Juan & Alfredo, assistant Iago

Carrie and Evan came to the caribbean to really enjoy their wedding at the maximum. To take of the pressure a wedding does often incites, they had a civil wedding before in their hometown NY. That way they had their hands free to organise and live the day at their hart’s desire and they both had indeed a very clear wish for this day. Carrie wanted to live and experience at the fullest the day as a bride; the little girls dream of the perfect dress, hair & make up, all in order to appear just breathtaking for the love of your life. Also the aspect of sharing this moment with family and friends was very important for both of them. Evan was very exacting about the music, as this was to be the wildest party. All this was done, starting with a ceremony, as Carrie desired, under the open sky, no matter the rain. This is were the impeccable service at Banyan Tree Mayakoba was most felicitous as they did everything they could to comply with the bride’s wish and so did we. Let’s get wet! As often in the caribbean, the raindrops run dry and under a dramatic sunset sky a wild party took off.

Photo by Juan EuanPhoto by Juan EuanPhoto by Juan Euan, editing Jasive Garza
Photo by Juan Euan

Photo by Alfredo



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