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semmy + aman • Cultural Destination Wedding • Playa del Carmen

Contemporary Wedding Documentary photography Photo by Vincent

Family business

Photography by Vincent Ribon, assistants Alfredo & Jasive

Weddings with a different culturale touch, I love it! But more than the particularities of the wedding I was so impressed by the beauty of the ladies, their hair arrangements and jewels. Straight form Eritrea they flew to Mexico, Playa del Carmen to celebrate “the start of this new family”, as Aman described their wedding to me. Family was obviously very important for this couple, not just because they live in the US and an important part of their families still live in Eritrea. But from the start their story was a family tail as Semmy and Aman met on a thanksgiving dinner through the friendship of Aman’s uncle with Semmy’s father. As they got married in church in LA with their intimate family, here the ceremony was not too important. Apparently what followed was what really seals the bond between the two families: The couple enters the reception on a traditional song while guests play drums, burn sparklers and dance around the couple, welcoming the groom “warrior” who brings his wife to his home and family. Then the coffee ceremony is a traditional and cultural habit when celebrating occasions and festivities. Coffee beans are roasted in front of the guests and the guests get to smell them to approve. After the coffee is made in a traditional pot called “Jebena” it is poured in small cups in front of the guests. So it is not just about the drinking of the coffee, as it is about celebrating the coffee making as well. Coffee being originally discovered in “our part of the world” as Aman proudly informed me.

Photo by Alfredo Photo by Alfredo


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